Development and testing of the workplaceoriented learning project (WLP) “production and commissioning of a training robot”

IO 2

Workplace-oriented learning project “Manufacture of the housing and support structure of a training robot consisting of a base frame, carousel, swing arm and central hand” for the metal professional field

  • STL (4,3 MB):part in STL format;
    • Parts for 3D printing
  • Drawings (0,7 MB): drawings of parts in PDF format;
  • master_thor_v-3.pvz (10,6 MB): is a viewable file of the robot assembly which can be opened in Creo View Express, it’s much smaller and easier/faster to download.

PTC has a special viewer: Creo View Express 10.0. It’s free and can be downloaded from PTC web page:

The best way to preview in Creo View Express is downloading and opening master_thor_v-3.pvz.

IO 3

Workplace-oriented learning project “Procurement and stockpiling, marketing and sales for the training robot product” for commercial and administrative professions

IO 4

Workplace-oriented learning project “Installation, configuration and programming of electronic systems and control quantities of a training robot” for the professional fields of electrical engineering and mechatronics” for the electrical professional field

IO 5

Digital Learning Sequences

IO 6

Guidelines for successful cooperation between learning venues in the use of workplace-oriented learning projects